Wawel Castle Monument

Krakow is one of the most important cultural centers in Poland. It is also one of the main tourist and cultural centers of Europe. The Royal Castle is a renaissance monument and the most famous castle in Poland, and the Wawel Cathedral is the largest Polish temple.

Coronation and burial of Kings

Wawel is a special place in the minds of Poles. For years polish kings were ruled there, and after moving the capital to Warsaw, Wawel became a place of coronation and burial of kings. During the partitions, Wawel functioned in the minds of Poles as a symbol of the past power of the Polish state. And the burial place of Poles especially deserving of the homeland. Today the Royal Castle in Krakow is listed on the UNESCO list and is one of the most important monuments in Poland. For centuries the seat of the Polish kings and the symbol of statehood, in 1930, the castle became one of the most important museums in Poland. It collects collections of paintings, graphics, sculptures, textiles, goldsmiths, militarians, porcelain and furniture. In the chambers are exhibited famous works of Zygmunt August and wonderful Renaissance Italian paintings from Lanckoroński collections, and Wawel collections of eastern art contain the most important and largest collection of tents in Europe.

The Royal Castle is also an important conservation center for works of art. Wawel is also the resting place of artists and well-deserved Poles such as Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Józef Piłsudski and others. Walls of the temple are decorated with remains of prehistoric animals, which are believed to protect Wawel from evil.

Castle Exhibitions, concerts and live performances

Every year over one million tourists visit permanent and temporary exhibitions presented at the castle. Almost 20,000 kids take part in museum lessons. In addition, young people and children participate in special activities and scientific and artistic competitions.

The Wawel Royal Castle is also home to numerous concerts - both symphonic and chamber music - as well as opera and court dance performances.

Wawel Royal Castle

The Dragon Cemetery near the Wawel Royal Castle is another attraction of Cracow, which is most stimulating the imagination of the locals and visitors, and is visited by adults and children. It is with this karst cave is associated with the famous legend of the Wawel Dragon, a mythical creature living under the Wawel Hill, who terrorized the inhabitants of the Royal City. To commemorate this remarkable legend, at Wawel you can admire the sculpture of a dragon, which will blow true fire. Wawel Castle is a place which certainly You must see.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, Wawel's buildings were subjected to thorough conservation, including elevations, interiors and courtyards. As a result of this work Wawel is dominated by architectural solutions in the Renaissance style. They are accompanied by baroque and classicist elements.

Wawel is certainly the place where any tourist must go. It is the most important monument of the city, which will surely impress everyone. Its beauty and architecture make you happy to return here when you come back to Cracow.

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