Places To Stay In Krakow

Krakow - the most interesting city in Poland

Krakow is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. The former capital of Poland attracts crowds of tourists every day with rich architecture and numerous monuments.

Krakow is the most interesting and one of the most visited Polish cities. It is imperative to see the Krakow market with a dense network of streets and the Royal Wawel. Main Square with the St. Mary's Church and the Cloth Hall are known all over the world. Taking a walk through the beautiful Royal Road from the Florian Gate to Wawel will give You will have unforgettable memories because of the architecture and the number of monuments. Equally interesting is the Jewish city - today's Kazimierz district, with numerous synagogues and monuments. A little further away from the center is the Kosciuszko mound which while a clear day offers a magnificent view of the city.



Having fun in Krakow

Krakow is a city of museums and monuments, but also great fun. Cracow's attractions include numerous restaurants, cafes, pubs and nightclubs. The choice is huge and everyone will find something for themselves.

The city also attracts many events, festivals and competitions. At the end of your stay with Terminal Krakow you have to choose at least one of the famous Krakow pubs. You can eat something locally, drink and relax. The choice is big. In Krakow you can find a whole host of restaurants, cafes and pubs. The restaurants specialize in serving Old Polish, Mediterranean, Italian and many other dishes. The most cozy pubs are located in Krakow's tenement houses. Mostly they are very stylish and maintained in individual style, open until late at night. Many of them are located directly on the streets, but there are also restaurants located inside historic courtyards. After a day of sightseeing it’s really important to choose a places to stay in Kraków.


Places to stay in Krakow

Krakow has the best tourist base in Poland. In the city center there are dozens of high standard hotels, including the world's largest chains. On the other hand - there are many intimate objects like private apartments which are located near to the Main Market Square, allowing you to start sightseeing immediately after leaving Your place. Many tourists are wondering between choosing a hotel and renting an apartment. The main role during the trip to Krakow plays the price of accommodation. Apartments are characterized by lower prices, which does not affect the living conditions at all. You can say that they are even better. Typically, each is equipped with basic equipment such as a washing machine, dryer or coffee maker. This form of accommodation also provides 100% privacy and we can be sure that no one will disturb our holiday. The additional advantage of renting the apartment is that the hosts are very helpful in choosing places to visit and even help organize group tours to the Auschwitz Museum or the Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Almost all of theme know english language, what is a huge advantage for foreign tourists.

I hope this article was helpful to choose the best way to find places to stay in Krakow. You may also be interested to find out more from Terminal Krakow by reading further here Cracow Apartments