Old City Apartments Krakow

Kraków, the most famous city in Poland

Krakow is undoubtedly the cultural capital of Poland - this city is famous for its artistic atmosphere, wonderful theaters, galleries and museums. People are warm and warm here, and the climate of the beautiful Old Town is amazing.

Krakow is the city most visited by tourists in Poland. The most famous tourist sites of Krakow are:

- Wawel Royal Castle - Renaissance residence, the place of the coronation and reign of the Polish kings and their eternal rest, one of the greatest architectural monuments in Poland

- Main Square with Cloth Hall - one of the three largest markets in Europe with Hall of Cloth Hall, where trade (mainly souvenirs and jewelery) is still held, is a compulsory stop for every tourist in Krakow. There are cultural events at the Market Square, where you can relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants throughout the year.

- St. Mary's Basilica - also located in the Market Square - is one of the most beautiful and one of the most beautiful sacral objects in Poland, and the ringlet called "hejnal" is the musical symbol of Cracow.



Culture in Krakow

In addition to the historical attractions and pearls of architecture, which are really more than anywhere else in Poland, Krakow offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy active recreation and recreation in many sports facilities, water parks, bike paths, tennis courts or climbing park.

Cracow impresses not only with the beautiful Old Town, the famous Wawel, or the Marian Church, but also generally understood culture. Full of theaters, museums, galleries and other places where connoisseurs will find something for themselves. Visiting the city can not miss the visit to the Czartoryski Museum. Why? Perhaps because there you can see the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci "Lady with an Ermine".

As far as nightlife is concerned, Krakow is a city that never sleeps. The nightlife of Krakow is full of student-run music in small pubs and big club parties until the morning.

In Cracow there is everything a tourist can desire. However, the important thing is to stay in Krakow after a full day of impressions? A lot of tourists choose apartments in Krakow Old City


Apartments in the center and in the Old Town of Krakow

After a day of sightseeing it is worth relaxing in a climate. In front of many tourists there is a huge dilemma between the hotel and the apartment.

Many travelers do not realize a thing. When you rent a hotel room you pay for the number of people, not for its size. The price of the apartment includes the whole apartment: kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, regardless of the number of people staying there. This means that you have a much larger space at a similar price. Not much, you can enjoy the domestic conditions. You fully enjoy your privacy and independence. There is no reception or hotel service that nobody will knock on your room at any time.

Imagine that the only thing you have to take with you on a journey is a lightweight suitcase with some of the most important clothes. Impossible? No! The apartment has everything you need: a cooker, dishwasher, fridge, kettle, iron, ironing board, set and plates, pots, washing machine, and even a hairdryer. At your disposal is a private bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen with necessary appliances and household appliances. In conclusion, the apartment is a whole, fully furnished apartment only at your disposal. If you value freedom, privacy, and want to know the city in close proximity, then the choice should be obvious to you. Because what other places to stay will be better than apartments in the Old Town of Krakow, which will delight you with its unique climate and architecture.

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