Krakow Apartments For Rent Short Term

Krakow- the best place in Poland

Krakow is, according to many people and certainly from us here at Terminal Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and certainly in Poland. Its amazing climate makes the trip to this place unforgettable. Krakow is a city to which many artists, students and foreign tourists come. Krakow's sights and atmosphere are truly exceptional. While in Krakow you can not comment on such places as the Main Market Square, where you can admire such monuments as the Cloth Hall or St. Nicholas. Mary's Basilica. Going for a walk through the Florian Gate and Barbican, we can reach the biggest monument - Wawel. Wawel is the former seat of Polish kings. This place is now a museum and the remains of Polish kings and eminent Poles rest in its basements. Being in Krakow, you can not miss this place. This city is not just a place to admire the sights. In the evening the atmosphere of the city changes and is more entertaining.


Entertainment in Krakow

Krakow is a city where every connoisseur finds something for himself. At every step we can find places with a unique atmosphere. There are no shortage of cozy cafes and elegant restaurants. Krakow's theaters and cinemas offer a special repertoire with unique titles. The number of clubs and bars is also impressive. Every fan of different kinds of music will find something for themselves. As I mentioned, Krakow is a city of artists! Walking through the streets of Krakow feel its unusual artistic atmosphere. You can meet many painters, actors, comedians and others. Such atmosphere is not in any other city in Poland. One thing is for sure. In Cracow you can not be bored! Many people are going for a short trip here. Krakow Apartments For Rent Short Term are the best idea to stay in this beautiful city.

Krakow Apartments For Rent Short Term

When going on vacation everyone of us is wondering about the night. Most people choose expensive hotels or slightly cheaper hostels. But there is a third solution, which we think is the best!

These are the apartments in the city center. No other form of accommodation gives you so much freedom and privacy as an apartment. For a lower price than the hotel, we get a fully equipped apartment, which we can enter and leave whenever we want. Typically, each of them is equipped with such basic equipment as a washing machine, dryer or coffee maker, which is a great option compared to the hotel, Renting a hotel room we get only a small room with a bed, table and possibly a small refrigerator.

The apartment is an entire apartment, so we have a large space and comfortable conditions at our disposal. Many apartments are located in the city center, so if you are planning a city tour, we can easily reach the most important places in the city. It is also worth mentioning that the hosts speak usually in English and are extremely helpful in choosing places to see in Krakow. After all, they are its inhabitants. I hope I convinced you to consider Krakow Apartments For Rent Short Term.

Apartment Rent Krakow

Krakow - a city of tourists

Today Cracow is a city that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Old Town in Krakow is the heart of the city. In the whole area you can see many tourists who want to see the biggest monuments of the former Polish capital. This area, along with Wawel, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978. The most important monuments in Krakow are the Main Market Square, where you can see St. Mary's Church, the Cloth Hall and the ruins of the ramparts, the Florian Gate and the Barbican.

All year round it is loud and crowded. The city is full of life at all times of the day.

The symbol of Krakow is Wawel - the former seat of the Polish kings. It is a beautiful place full of history, whose architecture impresses all the tourists. Cracow is associated with the legend of the Wawel Dragon, which scared the whole city until the brave shoemaker defeated him. In memory of this legend, at the walls of Wawel Castle stands a statue of the Dragon, which will blow true fire. Krakow boasts many places of extraordinary climate and history. It's all the way through its alleys and admiring the sights. Krakow is also the center of the culture, so you can say that no one will be bored in it.

Krakow - a city of culture

In Cracow there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs located in historic tenements. There are numerous cultural events, concerts and exhibitions, and the whole mass of tourists is concentrated in the city center. In Cracow everyone will find something for themselves. The number of attractions is countless. During the day we can choose to visit the beautiful sights of Krakow and have a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants. In Cracow You can eat mostly Polish traditional cuisine, but for every gourmet there is a suitable place with every kind of cuisine. In the evening, however, we can get to know Cracow's nightlife in one of the bars or clubs where the event lasts until morning, or if we prefer a calmer atmosphere - we can choose a cinema, theater or concert. In Cracow you can’t get bored. After a day of adventures, everyone would like to rest in the best conditions and for the lowest price. Will help in this apartment rent in Krakow.

Apartment Rent Krakow

Each of us wants to rest in the best conditions during the holidays. No one wants to worry about a small room where there is only an uncomfortable bed, and the bathroom is located in the corridor. Unfortunately, very often, such conditions exist in hotels and hostels, which cost a lot of money.

An alternative option for such accommodation is to rent an apartment in the city center. This option has many advantages! Firstly, it is much cheaper than the hotel and for the price it offers much better conditions. You have an entire apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room. Typically, the apartment has a separate bedroom. The apartment is usually equipped with a washing machine, coffee machine, dryer, which makes it feel like home. In addition, we have 100% certainty of privacy and we can be sure no one will come into our apartment. The conversation with the host can usually be in English, which is an additional advantage of this type of accommodation. They are very helpful and nice. In the end, they are residents of the city, so who would be better guide? I hope I convinced you that the best option for accommodation in Krakow is apartment rent in Krakow.

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