What is the Eros bendato?

Krakow is an epic city where we can meet and encounter many sights, palaces and museums with the most important art divisions. Krakow is also full of sculptures that stand on the squares and in front of the entrances to various buildings. One of these works still here today and certainly that is the most controversial also is "Eros bendanto" created by Igor Mitoraj. The sculpture stands on the Market Square in Krakow. This is a very important place for the culture of Cracow, so its location raises many doubts among artisans and hobbyists. Despite this, the sculpture has been very attractive and a talking point for tourists who are willing to take pictures with her and come to her. Despite the plans to relocate this work of art, it remained in its original place. Our recommendation is to visit and take a photo whilst it stays there!

Where is Eros bendato?

Right next to the Town Hall Tower on the Main Market Square in Cracow stands an extraordinary sculpture - a huge head lying on the ground. It is a sculpture of Eros Bendato, which was donated to the city in 2005 by the Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj.

About Igor Mitoraj

Igor Mitoraj is a Polish sculptor, creating fine art works abroad. He died in 2014, leaving behind many wonderful works that are presented in many places around the world. He specialises in filling sculptures of public spaces around the world (squares, squares, educational or international institutions, sometimes private corporations and shopping centers). Igor Mitoraj's work in Poland is still little known and a hidden treasure. An artist who started his artistic career at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, before leaving his studies he moved abroad to stay permanently as many people do travel to find their place on this globe. The main theme of Mitoraj's sculptures is the human body, its beauty and fragility. I even refer to literary figures (Icarus, Tyndareus, Centauro, Eros, Mars, Gorgon, Paesaggio Ithaka), mythology or the history of Greece and Rome.

"Eros bendato" is a giant male head wrapped in bandages made of bronze with hollowed eyes, which aroused much controversy before it came to its own place. City government were looking for another place for this head, but after years it has been seen that it has settled for good in the Krakow market. This monument is a favorite place for children who love to enter to the head and look through the eye holes.

Igor Mitoraj Sculptures

The title of Igor Mitoraj's sculpture can be translated in many ways, as at least two can be interpreted as meaning the word „eros”. From Greek mythology we know Eros as the god of love and lust, the beautiful, constricted young man with the bow held in his hand. If we adopt this interpretation, the corpse-free head by Mitoraj, 'Eros Bendato' presents the classic, oldest image of the god of love. The sculpture of Eros Bendato is one of many attractions of Cracow, which is certainly worth seeing. As you can see, Cracow is a city where different cultures collide. We must admit that it creates a unique atmosphere and makes Krakow the most original and artistic city in Poland.

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