Apartments Krakow Old Town

Krakow- the most beautiful Old Town in Poland

Krakow is a city that is almost entirely composed of monuments. Its old town is world famous and attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. The extraordinary atmosphere of Krakow and its beautiful architecture make the trip to this city an unforgettable experience. Living in Cracow is very artistic and full of inspiration. While in Krakow you have to visit the main market, where the Cloth Hall and St. Mary's Church (one of the most famous sights of Krakow) are located. You can not miss walking through the Florian Gate and the Barbican! The Royal Route will take you to the most magnificent monument of Cracow - Wawel Castle. There was a royal throne and it was the most important place in the whole country.

There are also many legends in Cracow. Their symbols can be found throughout the city. One of them was a legend about the Wawel Dragon. The dragon was killed by a brave shoemaker, but now we can admire his monument, which is next to Wawel Castle. As You can see, Krakow is an unusual city where no one will get bored so stay with Terminal Krakow!


Krakow - a city of culture and entertainment

Krakow is a wonderful city, which on the one hand is very historical but modern on the other. It's amazing! Every connoisseur will find something for himself. Cinemas and theaters offer the best, specially selected repertoire. The galleries shows the great work of new artists, but also those known around the world. Krakow is full of cozy cafes with delicious coffee and tea, as well as restaurants that serve the finest cuisine of both traditional Polish and international cuisine. Cracow can boast of a splendid Jewish quarter, which still preserves the atmosphere of the past.

For those who like to spend evenings in bars or clubs, Krakow has also prepared a special offer. In the old town there are plenty of places for great drinks and the best club music. Krakow is a city that you just have to visit!

After an adventurous day, everyone is eager to relax and have a good sleep. Apartments in Krakow Old Town are the best idea!

Apartments in Krakow Old Town

If you care about freedom and privacy, choosing an apartment will be definitely a good decision. Since a few years, the accommodation market in Cracow has changed. For hotels and hostels that were in it for a very long time, has evolved a new form of accommodation. These are the apartments that are in every way better than the other options. For less than we have to pay for the hotel room, we get a whole apartment with a lot of space. We have full privacy and a guarantee that no one will enter our apartment because the  extra keys are only in the staff's hands. The great thing about our apartments is not just that we own them lock stock and barrel, is that they are fully furnished apartments where You have a fridge, washing machine, hairdryer or coffee maker. The apartment have also an equipped kitchen with all the things you need. Thanks to that you can feel as though at home, and preparing a meal won’t be a problem in a hotel room with a kettle and dried food. Hosts usually speak English and they are very helpful in planning sightseeing trips in Krakow. This is a great advantage of our accommodation. A short distance to the center makes Apartments in Krakow Old Town the best place to stay!

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