Accommodation In Krakow

Krakow - The best place for Holidays

Krakow is a popular destination not only for Polish tourists but also for visiting foreigners. In Cracow everyone will find something for themselves.

Cracow has to be started from the Old Town, which in 1978, along with Wawel, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tourists are taking walks through the Old Town and its Main Market where they can’t miss the sight of the historic St. Mary's Church, where from hour to hour you can hear 'Hejnal Mariacki' - a unique symbol of the city.

Terminal Krakow's top tip is from the church we can go to the Cloth Hall, where formerly there were cloth stalls, and now there are stands with regional souvenirs of wood or amber. Grodzka Street leads to Wawel Castle. On the Wawel Hill, there is the Royal Castle, which is a former royal residence. Visiting Wawel you will enter Wawel Cathedral, where they were crowned kings of Poland. They are also buried here in remembrance and honour. The basilica is also a burial place for members of royal families and chiefs, political leaders and excellent Poles. Not far from the Old Town is the historic Jewish quarter, Kazimierz. Full of lovely cafes, restaurants and beautiful alleys. The beauty of Cracow embeds a strong life memory with every tourist and will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.


Culture in Krakow

Cracow is a city that is full of life, regardless of the time of day or night. Small cafes or beer gardens are full of people even late at night. The city has a rich offer of cinemas, theaters, museums that offer a variety of entertainment. Krakow is a city of artists, so we can meet many painters, actors, singers and other artists in the arts. In Cracow certainly no one will ever be bored!

In the evening, we can go for a drink or a club, but we also have a variety of attractions such as concerts of famous stars or climatical jezzas. After an eventful day, everyone wants to rest in good conditions. Options for Accommodation in Krakow are endless. In a moment I will try to convince you to the one I consider to be the best.

Accommodation in Krakow

Krakow offers a great variety of accommodation options. All over the city there are plenty of hotels, hostels and hostels, and each of us can choose the type of accommodation that is best suited. In addition to standard accommodation options, Krakow also offers the possibility to rent an apartment. And now, I will try to convince you why this form of accommodation is the ultimate!

Why choose an apartment?

The apartment will give You:

  • 100% privacy
  • Lower price compared to the hotel
  • Large space, entirely at your disposal
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Own bathroom
  • Facilities such as: washing machine, dryer, coffee maker, etc.
  • Perfect location right in the city center
  • Fast Wifi
  • A friendly and helpful host who speaks English
  • Modern design
  • Stylish interior and comfortable bed

We hope you are convinced to rent one of our Krakow apartments. It is a unique accommodation concept in Krakow, where you can feel like you are home away from home. And all this for a lower price than the hotel. Come to Cracow, this city you just have to see! 

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